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Since first opening our doors in 1985, Nature Pet Centers has always been considered as leaders in the Pet Industry.

As of September 2014, we has decided to take a huge step forward and further our leadership skills in being the first and only Pet Store chain in Quebec to stop selling puppies and kittens.

Our focus and initiatives are solely in Rescue and Adoption and helping out the Shelters within our community and abroad in finding homes for the thousands of unwanted and abandoned pets.

When adopting a Dog or Cat from Nature Pet Centers, you are not just saving ''a'' life, you are giving a chance and opening the door to many more. 

We want to be part of the solution, and adopting is one of the best ways of helping, and end pet homelessness and abandonment. All of our Dogs and Cats in adoption are also spayed and neutered because we want to fight against pet overpopulation as well.

Aside from Pet Adoption, we offer Pet Grooming, as well as complete lines of products not only for Dog and Cat lovers, but for the Small Animal, Bird, Reptile and Fish enthusiasts.

We pride ourselves in being Pet Experts with passionate, skilled and dedicated staff.  Our main goal is to find you and your family exactly what you are looking for, a happy and healthy pet, offer the best advice and care possible, in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

At Nature Pet Centers, we’re not just Animal Lovers…..