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We at Nature Pet Center would like to clarify our position regarding the said lawsuit against the city of Montreal and put at ease the minds of our clients and general public.


Nature Pet Centers was among the first in Quebec to pioneer, alongside some very dedicated individuals, the movement of change by adopting out “rescue animals only” (Cats and dogs and recently rabbits too). We are proud to announce that as of today we have successfully found homes for more than 7175 rescued animals. Our rescue partners are professional and of the same mind-set which makes for some great partnerships for saving lives!  We also have the privilege of having a great clientele ready to adopt and take good care of a new pet. Our mission is, and always has been, to help them find the right animal for their lifestyle and to find loving homes for companion animals. 


We pride ourselves on education and quality animal care to ensure adopted animals are for life and not a season! Prior to being adopted, all of our dogs and cats have been examined by a veterinarian, then vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and sterilized. A percentage of our animal intakes are from in-store abandons.  The new law will prohibit us from helping them.  Instead, We will be required to send them to an SPCA in hopes that they will stand a chance in a shelter that is already bursting at the seams and hope that they will be returned to us in order to find them a loving family.  Nature Pet Centers already has quarantine areas for intakes and provides full vetting for every animal, so moving these animals numerous times is simply counterproductive and stressful for the animals.


The new law will boost internet purchases of companion animals which is the worst scenario for animal welfare ! One of the major consequences of this by-law, is increasing the amount of puppy mills and back yard breeders. The control is lost when clients turn to the internet and seek the animal they are looking for and fall victim to scams as well as uneducated purchases from shady sellers.  


In our opinion, the city of Montreal needs to attack the root of the problem… they should change their direction and go to the source directly which is where the animals are being bred. Banning the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores won’t solve the problem.   Any and all breeders, shelters, veterinarians and pet shops should be following the same standards set forth by MAPAQ. With a better control over where the animals are coming from by shutting down shady operations, we can help reduce pet overpopulation, better serve our clients and ensure strong healthy animals.


We want to be able to continue serving and educating our clients with their new pets, while giving animals a second chance in life . In conlusion our goal is simple, Nature Pet Centers wants to help humans and animals to enjoy a long and happy life together.


Thank you