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Security measures

Dear customers,

We have always been proud of the cleanliness and functioning of our stores. Rest assured that it is a priority for us to take the necessary measures and the best decisions regarding protocol and security for everyone.

We cannot stress it enough how important it is to take all possible precautions and to wash and disinfect your hands regularly.

With the growing concerns about COVID-19 (coronavirus), we are applying the preventive recommendations rigorously.

Our stores are popular places for our customers and their families. However, in order to put the social distancing protocol into practice, we are obliged to ask you to respect the security measures.

Avoid coming simply to have fun with your family or friends. Providing things essential to the well-being of your pet should be the only reason for your visit at this time.

Since we intend to limit the risks of contagion as much as possible, it will not be possible to pet an animal.

Thank you very much for your understanding